What differences exist between athletes and fans? How do athletes get verified?
Ok, we get that you know the actual differences, but this question is usually asked when pertaining to the functionality of the site itself. Fan accounts allow you to tag athletes content, as well, FAN athletes and show support for them while also keeping up with the athlete's content updates. Anyone can sign up for a fan account. Athlete accounts are monitored accounts for legitimacy purposes. Athlete accounts are sometimes created by staff, but later turned over to the athlete when verified by the athlete. If an account isn't verified, the account will only post simple news feeds. Once the account is verified, athletes can post video, photos and blogs, all of which will say its from the athlete.

Athletes get verified by emailing or signing up HERE.

What happens when I "become a fan" of an athlete?
First off, it means you forever show an undying support for the athlete. Ok, maybe not all that, but what it does mean is that you get updated on the athlete's content. Essentially, you keep up with the athlete's recruitment and game highlights, which come straight from the source: the athlete themselves. Fanning also divides the fan's up by school, so that everyone, including the athlete, can see which schools show the most fan support! You can also upload vids of your favorite athlete and if they like them enough they will like them which will show them on their profile page. You will connected to that athlete forever (not really)!

What is the Prepforce Short Url used for?
Prepforce automatically shortens the urls on which your content appears. This saves precious real estate on places such as Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to save character space. Also, its fancy, and we at Prepforce like fancy things.

Can I upload content for the athlete?
Yes you can. Just hit the UPLOAD button located on the upper right-side of your profile. After you click that, you can choose pictures or video. You will then be asked to select the sport and the athlete's name. Your content will then show up in the athlete's tagged content area.

Can I share content?
Yep, you can. Twitter and Facebook are both seamlessly implemented throughout the site.